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Do you want to have detailed information before purchasing our PROVISIT-VISUM insurance policy? In this section, we collected a number of frequently asked questions about the extent of the insurance cover provided by PROVISIT-VISUM. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

  • General questions

    Here you will find general questions about PROVISIT-VISUM.

    • Who can purchase PROVISIT-VISUM?

      Visitors with a foreign citizenship or a permanent residence abroad who temporarily stay in Germany, another EU country or in Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino or Vatikan City for private or business purposes can be insured through PROVISIT-VISUM for a maximum duration of 180 days.

      Further requirements are:

      • - The insurance policy is purchased prior to arrival or within 10 days after entering Germany or the area of application.
      • - You are not carrying out physical labor.
    • Can I insure accompanying family members, too?

      Accompanying family members can be insured as well. You just need to conclude an insurance policy for each family member separately.

    • I do not know the exact date of my arrival, yet, can I still purchase insurance?

      If you do not know your exact date of arrival, yet, you can purchase the insurance by entering an expected date of entry. In this case, you will receive an insurance certificate with the expected date of arrival.

      If the entry date is postponed, please purchase a new insurance online. You will receive your new confirmation immediately. For our information, please note the word “cancellation” and your old insurance number in the 'space for special notes'. We will transfer the premium - if already paid - for the cancelled insurance back to your account.

      After the original start of insurance coverage, we can only accept changes to the insurance period if you can immediately substantiate the new data by providing us with the respective entry documents (copy of your passport or a plane ticket).

    • Can I cancel the insurance policy?

      Should you return early from your stay abroad, a phone call or an email is sufficient. We will then calculate your exact premium depending on the number of days you stayed abroad. You only pay for the actual period of insurance. No service fee will be charged for this reimbursement.

      If your or your visitor’s visa has been refused, a reimbursement of the insurance premium is possible. For the reimbursement of the premium, please provide us with the rejection letter from the embassy or consulate together with a full copy of your visitor’s passport.

  • Questions regarding application

    Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the application.

    • How can I purchase the insurance?

      You can purchase PROVISIT-VISUM directly online. You only need to do two things: fill in the application form (all fields marked with * are required) and check whether all entered information is correct. Then simply confirm your application - that’s it!

    • Which documents will I receive?

      Following your application, you will immediately receive an email with your insurance certificate for your records and for submission to public authorities, along with customer information and the "Ärzte-Info-Ticket" (medical info card).

    • Is my data secure?

      When you purchase your policy online, all information is sent through a secure connection. We use your data only for fulfillment of the insurance contract. For more information, please go to our section on data protection .

  • Questions regarding existing contracts and policy adjustments

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about existing contracts.

    • Can I extend my insurance policy in case of an extended stay?

      This particular insurance cannot be extended beyond the originally planned period. In case of an extension of your stay abroad, we offer the insurance PROVISIT.

    • If I return early, can I cancel the insurance policy?

      After expiry of the period applied for, insurance coverage will end automatically.

      Should you return early from your stay abroad, please inform us. A phone call or an email is sufficient. In this case, you only pay the premiums which arose before the notification. If a direct debit system exists, it will be stopped. Credit will be immediately refunded to your account. No service fee will be charged.

      Should you return early from your stay abroad, please inform us immediately, since the premature cancellation is valid no earlier than the date of termination.

    • I plan to go on vacation during my stay abroad: is such a vacation covered as well?

      The insurance coverage applies to all EU countries as well as to Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatikan City.

    • How can I quickly and easily notify you of any changes?

      You can access our online service 24/7. You can use our online forms, for example, to change your bank and address data or notify us of damages covered by accident and liability insurance.

      Please change to our Secure Server
      to send your changes online (German).

  • Questions regarding payment

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding payment.

    • Which payment methods are offered for PROVISIT-VISUM?

      With PROVISIT-VISUM you can choose from the following payment options:

      a) credit card: Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, JCB, Diners, Discover or American Express;

      b) SEPA Direct Debit;

      c) online payment system: eps, Klarna/SOFORT Überweisung, iDEAL or PayPal.

      Premiums are calculated depending on the number of days you stay abroad.

    • What happens in case of unpaid direct debits?

      Please avoid any chargebacks. Every chargeback causes an enormous administrative amount along with bank charges. For any unpaid direct debit, we will have to charge the resulting fees imposed on us if you are the one responsible for the unpaid direct debit (for example as a result of revocation, incorrect information or insufficient account balance).

    • Is there a refund of overpaid premiums?

      We will refund any overpaid premiums immediately in full without charging a service fee. Should you return early from your stay abroad, a phone call or an email is sufficient. We will then calculate your exact premium depending on the number of days you stayed abroad. No service fee will be charged for this reimbursement.

  • Questions about damages and reimbursements

    Here you will find questions and answers regarding claims.

    • I need medical treatment – what should I do?

      As foreign guest you are covered by private international health insurance. Such health insurance covers only acute medical treatment of newly occurred illnesses.

      If it is not an emergency, please consider the following recommendations:

      1. Please always consult your primary care physician (general practitioner) before seeing a specialist or going to hospital.
      2. Please provide the physician with our Ärzte-Info-Ticket (medical info card) prior to the treatment.
      3. Please inform your doctor that your health insurance only covers acute medical treatment.

      For further information, go to: What to do in the event of illness?

    • How are your invoices refunded?

      If you submit your "Ärzte-Info-Ticket" (medical info card) to the physician or to the hospital prior to the treatment, we can settle the bill directly with the doctor or hospital. If your doctor does not want to settle the bill directly with Dr. Walter, you will receive an invoice after the treatment. For details, go to: How are your invoices refunded?

    • How can I submit my invoices?

      Please send your original receipts and your fully completed claim form to Dr. Walter GmbH by mail and name the account you want the reimbursement transferred to. We are not allowed to accept copies sent by fax or email.

    • Did you receive my invoice?

      We need about 2 weeks to process your request. You will be notified in writing when your request has been fully processed.

    • Will the costs for any medication be paid?

      Any medication needs to be medically necessary or prescribed by a doctor. You will receive your medication by taking the prescription to a pharmacy. The original prescription can then be submitted to us for a refund of the costs. The policy does not cover medication that can be bought at a pharmacy for free and without a doctor’s prescription. Please note that we can only process a prescription after receiving the related (doctor’s) invoice along with the diagnosis.

    • What to do in case of treatment at a hospital?

      During the admission, please present the Ärzte-Info-Ticket (medical info card) which you received with your insurance certificate. Hospitals usually contact us after the admission and the billing will be settled directly with the hospital.
      The policy covers emergency treatment and urgent operations within compulsory health insurance without optional services. If such inpatient treatment is not an emergency treatment, we recommend arranging the details of the planned therapy beforehand with our claims department. This way, we can help you to minimize any financial risk.

    • What to do in the event of toothache?

      Please inform your dentist about the details of your insurance coverage by providing him with our Ärzte-Info-Ticket (medical info card) prior to the treatment. In case of toothache, you usually receive immediate dental treatment. Such treatment aims to reduce pain and to treat the respective tooth. As with any other travel health insurance, the policy covers simple fillings (emergency dental treatment) for the relief of new and acute pain. For details, go to: What to do in the event of toothache?

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