Exclusion of benefits – the facts

No insurance cover is provided for damages:

  • intentionally caused by the insured person;
  • caused by the insured person as a result of an intentional criminal act or the intentional attempt of committing a criminal act.

Health insurance does not cover:

  • treatments of which it was certain prior to the journey that they would have to take place under normal circumstances, unless the death of a spouse or a first degree relative was the reason for the journey;
  • diseases and their consequences as well as consequences of an accident that are the reason for traveling abroad;
  • treatments due to employment abroad;
  • treatment of mental disorders and illnesses, psychosomatic treatment (e.g. hypnosis, autogenous training) and psychotherapy;
  • childbirth, abortion as well as examinations and treatments due to pregnancy;
  • costs for the treatment of pre-existing conditions, including chronic diseases, unless there is an acute and unforeseen deterioration in the state of health;
  • health damage and death caused by war and unrest. There is, however, insurance coverage if the insured person faces sudden and unexpected war or civil war. Such insurance coverage expires at the end of the 7th day after the outbreak of war or civil war in the country where the insured person stays.
  • diseases or accidents based on intent, including suicide, attempted suicide and addiction (e.g. alcohol, drugs, etc.) as well as the consequences of such diseases or accidents and detoxification and withdrawal treatments;
  • housing due to need for long-term care or keeping;
  • treatment at a health resort and at a sanitarium as well as rehabilitation measures;
  • examinations or treatment methods and medicine that are neither scientifically recognized in the respective country of stay nor in the patient’s home country;
  • dental treatment that goes beyond treatment for pain relief, repair of dentures and temporary solutions, like new dentures including dental crowns, dental cosmetics and orthodontics;
  • medical treatment and other medically prescribed measures where the insured person was aware at the start of the insured stay that they had to take place for medical reasons when the insured stay was scheduled to take place (e.g. dialysis).

You will find the detailed benefits and exclusion of benefits in the General Insurance Conditions.

Liability insurance does not cover:

  • damage caused by the use of a motor vehicle is not insured. This includes both personal injury and damage to property;
  • damages caused by the exchange, transmission or provision of electronic data.

You will find the detailed terms and conditions in the Liability Insurance Conditions.

Accident insurance does not cover:

  • accidents caused directly or indirectly by nuclear power;
  • accidents as a result of mental illness or cognitive disorders;
  • accidents caused directly or indirectly by foreseeable acts of war.

You will find the detailed terms and conditions in the Accident Insurance Conditions.

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