What to do in the event of illness?

I. case of illness in Germany

Foreign visitors are covered by private travel health insurance. Such health insurance covers only acute medical treatment of newly occurred illnesses. Procedure in the event of a claim

Please consider the following three rules of conduct for outpatient treatments:

  1. Please consult a general practitioner before seeing a specialist or going to hospital.
  2. Please provide the physician with our Ärzte-Info-Ticket (medical info card) prior to the treatment.
  3. Please inform your doctor that your health insurance only covers acute medical treatment.

1. Primary care physician

Primary care physicians are responsible for diagnosis and therapy and coordinate the need for further treatment. This includes assessing if they are able to carry out the treatment themselves or if it is necessary to consult a specialist.

This makes it easier to coordinate therapies and to avoid that examinations are carried out twice. It furthermore helps to avoid incompatible therapies, interlink medical benefits and reduce costs. This recommendation does, of course, not apply to necessary visits of gynecologists, eye specialists, emergency physicians or doctors on call.

2. Medical info card "Ärzte-Info-Ticket"

You will receive a medical info card (Ärzte-Info-Ticket) together with your insurance certificate. This card shall help you in case of illness and necessary treatment. Please provide the physician with this vital information prior to any treatment. The card contains information about the type of billing as well as important details regarding your insurance coverage.

Here you can print out your "Ärzte-Info-Ticket":

Ärzte-Info-Ticket (medical info card)(German).

3. Invoice and Reimbursement

After treating you, the doctor will give you an invoice. This invoice must include: name of the treated person, illness, type of individual medical services performed as well as the total treatment costs.

Please submit the invoice to us. Please use this online form. Please indicate a bank account to which the reimbursement should be made.

Please note: Laboratory invoices and prescriptions for prescribed medicines can only be reimbursed if we also receive the doctor's invoice (with diagnosis).

If you wish to send us the invoice by post, please use this PDF and send it to:

Abteilung Leistung
Eisenerzstr. 34
53819 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid
Email: claims@dr-walter.com

Tel: +49 2247 9194-31
Fax: +49 2247 9194-20

Click here for the correct claim forms.

II. case of illness abroad

PROVISIT-VISUM policyholders can arrange their stay abroad flexibly and travel to all other countries of the European Union (EU) as well as Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican City without reservations or restrictions.

If it should become necessary to visit a doctor in the area of validity outside Germany, inform your attending doctor about the scope of insurance. You can find more information on our website at www.provisit-visum.com/benefits.

After treatment, the insured person will receive an invoice from the doctor. This invoice must include the name of the person treated, the name of the disease, the type of individual medical services and the treatment costs. If the diagnosis is not clearly visible on the invoice, it will be very helpful for us to include a brief description of the illness or treatment with the invoice.

Please submit the invoice, stating the insurance number and your current bank details, together with a completed claim form.

You are not sure whether the treatment of an illness is covered?

If you are not sure whether the treatment of your illness is covered, you can call us prior to the treatment. We will inform you about the scope of your insurance and we will tell you what you should consider during treatment.

Contact us.

Do you require advice?
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