Insurance for
foreign visitors
in Germany and Europe.

For Schengen-Visa

PROVISIT-VISUM - Travel health insurance for foreign visitors

For your stay in Germany and Europe, or for the visit of your guest, you should not rely on the first travel health insurance that comes along. In Germany and all other Schengen States, specific requirements for insurance coverage need to be observed. Visitors from countries requiring a visa who apply for a Schengen visa are well advised with PROVISIT-VISUM. The insurance combination PROVISIT-VISUM fully complies with the requirements of the Council of the European Union and meets all visa requirements of the immigration authorities.

For more than 50 years, Dr. Walter has provided insurance policies for foreign visitors. PROVISIT-VISUM has long proven itself due to its comprehensive scope of benefits as well as the favorable premium, and it convinces more than 9,000 customers annually.

PROVISIT-VISUM is suitable for foreign citizens who plan to stay abroad for up to 180 days. The insurance can be purchased in two different combinations, namely PROVISIT-VISUM as pure travel health insurance or as all-round coverage consisting of:

  • travel health insurance
  • personal liability insurance
  • travel accident insurance

You can quickly and easily purchase the policy online. You will then immediately receive your insurance certificate as well as all the other documents.

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